Why Hire a Financial Advisory

Typical Transaction


> Typical Transaction Process


  • Identification of client´s needs;

  • Discussion of alternatives;

  • Understanding client´s industry;

  • Understanding company´s finance, operations and competitive advantages.



  • Business Plan review;

  • Development of investment case;

  • Development of Company Info Memo and Teaser;

  • Identification of potential investor/buyer.



  • Approach potential investors/buyers;

  • Coordination of Q&A process;

  • Receipt and review of indicative offers.



  • Establishing selection criteria;

  • Definition of potential candidate(s).

Due Diligence

  • Meetings with management and plants visits;

  • Joint coordination with auditors and lawyers on the preparation and access to the data room;

  • Coordination of tax, legal, accounting, operational and labor auditing performed by the candidate(s);

  • Coordination of Q&A process and interaction with potential candidate(s).


  • Negotiation of the transaction documents: shareholder´s agreement, purchase and sale agreement or investment aiming at closing the transaction.

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